Amber and Friends Erotic Escapades

Chapter 10


By Glenn L. Parker

1998 Glenn L. Parker

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination
or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Gwen was driving down a dark side street. It was a short cut to the movie theater where she was to meet Garrison her husband. Gwen was Amber’s mom, and looks sure ran in the family. Her beautiful D-cups proudly pushed the thresh hold of her blouse. Little did Gwen know how much she and her daughter had in common? Gwen was quite a horny little bitch, and thou Garrison did a great job fucking her. She was getting a little hungry for something new. They had threesomes before, and Garrison was always ready to explore her fantasies, but this time she needed a solo mission.

Funny how if you wish for something hard enough it never comes. It’s when you least expect it is when it happens. ‘Pow’ one of the tires suddenly blows out. The car swerves and hits another car on the roadside. The loud bang rises the attention of a nearby house, as their lights come on. Gwen is in the car freaking out "Oh shit"! Suddenly a burly man in a flannel shirt exits the house and approaches. She watches him as he walks over. He looks like a rough lumberjack. He gets to the car window "Are you okay"? Gwen nods yes and replies "yeah I’m just a little shook up". He opens her car door and says "come inside and use the phone", Gwen replies with a "thank you". The two begin walking toward the house as they introduce themselves. His name was Brian, and it turns out it was his car she hit.

Ten minutes later the two are sitting in his living room laughing about the whole thing. She is feeling a little aroused with him, and her pussy is getting damp. She was not wearing panties tonight as a treat to her husband, but why not treat herself? She slowly crossed her legs to expose a thick growth of black pubic hair that tried in vain to hide her full cunt lips. It of course caught his eye, and he quickly took a seat beside her. "So what do you think"? Gwen said. "About what"? He replied. She had no time for game, so she pulled up her skirt to fully expose her pussy. Her pussy was wide open and slightly agape. Her hand dropped to her pussy and calmly began fingering herself. He couldn’t take it anymore. Brian dropped to his knees and began eating out her cunt. He fingered her wet hole as he suckled her hard clit. She threw her head back and pulled at his hair, as he licked her ever so well. He had big thick fingers, and two of them were now buried deep in her pussy. She wiggled about letting off loud moans. Her legs wrapped tight around his head. "Don’t stop eating my box"! As he quickly and repeatedly stroked her clit with his tongue she felt the eruption of her first cum. She tore open her blouse and began squeezing her breasts. She brought one of her nipples to her mouth, and began licking it. She arched her back and cried out as she came again. Her pussy was on fire. She wanted to feel his cock inside of her, but she wasn’t finished with his mouth yet. He fingered her harder and harder until she came again. He sucked on her clit with such precision she couldn’t stop cumming, it was a steady flow. She felt her hot juices poring onto his face. Gwen was almost embarrassed, she felt as thou she was pissing on his face she was cumming so much. This motherfucker could eat some pussy there was no doubt about that. In one sudden movement he pulled his fingers out and laid his back on the floor. She quickly got down on top of his quickly unzipping his pant to reveal a 7incher. She was hoping for more, but it would definitely do. She took his cock in her mouth, and began sucking the life out of it. His back arched and he began to sqwirm. He had obviously licked her head. Brian pulled her hair back and guided her onto his dick. Her lips wrapped around dick in an excellent display of oral sex. She blew him wildly, as she bobbed up and down. He was trying very hard to hold back his cum. She could taste the droplets of semen building at the tip of his cock, and the taste of him made her cum again. She didn’t care anymore about fucking him. What she did care about was out doing him orally. This guy ate her pussy like some kind of sexual robot. She couldn’t let him out do her. She sucked faster and harder on his cock. She paid attention to every fraction of flesh. He arched his back again and let off a loud grunt. She felt his cock swelling up with his load, as she licked up and down the shaft. Gwen was jerking him off in her mouth, stroking him harder and faster. Finally he grabbed the back of her head as his body jerked and he blew his load. He pumped it down her throat. It took a few gulps to get it all down. This guy came buckets, but she took it. After sucking him clean she looked up and says "can you help me change my tire now"? He laughs and says "hell yeah".

Twenty minutes later outside Brian finishes up with her tire. She gives him a soft kiss on the lips and says "we’re gonna need a rematch". Brian smiles and says "I agree". She happily gets into her car and drives off. Brian looks at his banged up car smiles and goes back inside.


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