Candy Striper
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

Janice's dream was to one day become a nurse like her mother.  She had a caring personality and wanted to share her love and happiness with other's, what better field than being a nurse.  She decided that she would first become a Candy Striper, helping out in the local hospital to gain some valuable experience, and get a jump in class.   She felt she could learn the basics as a Candy Striper, or at least get the language down.  On her first day, the head nurse gave her her uniform and showed her around the different wards.  She would be assigned to the critically ill floor, due to her desire to go into that field of nursing.  On her first day, she became accustom to the routine and the various doctors, nurses and interns she would be supporting.  She also checked in on all the patients on the floor.  One particular patient caught her attention, Mr. Mark Ellis. 

Mark had been in a serious automobile accident and had gone into a deep coma.   That was a few months ago.  Mark was still in a deep coma and all the doctors were shaking their heads.  No one thought, including his family, that Mark would ever open his eyes again.  During the accident he had experienced some very serve head injuries.  The doctors were expecting the worst.  And even if he did come out of the coma, he may have some lasting brain trauma.  The family was seriously considering pulling the plugs.  Janice decided she was not going to let this happen.   She would do everything in her power to bring Mr. Ellis out of the coma.   Besides, she had fallen in love with his face.  He was a young man in his early twenties, with gentle elegant features.  Janice was determined not to let this angle slip away.

On the days to follow, Janice sang, talked, read and joked with Mark, with no response.   One night after Janice had come home, she laid in bed racking her head as to what would bring back this young man, to the world of the living. The idea immediately popped in her head and she was unable, no matter what logic she applied, to shake it out.  On her next day, she tentatively gave it the ol'girl's try.  She first had to make sure that the coast was clear.  The hospital staff would never have approved her daring exploit.  Being alone in the room, she reached under the bed sheet.  It did not take long to find her target.  Taking firm hold of his soft cock, she began gently stroking it.  She had remembered that the gentlest way to wake up a man was to stroke his penis.  Waking up to pleasure was much better than waking up to an alarm clock or other loud noise.  Besides, it always worked with her brothers!

To her surprise, Mark's cock did respond.  It began to grow, ever so slightly.   Not wanting to exercise it too long, she allowed Mark to rest in peace, quietly slipping from his room.  As she went around doing her routine, she thought about her little break through.  The next day she arrived to his room wanting to try something a little more daring.   This time she pulled down the sheets, unsnapping the front of his pajamas.  She pulled out his large cock.  She gingerly crawled onto the bed and placed her head between his legs.  She initially started sucking on his balls, not wanting to put him into shock.  Again, the cock responded by getting a little hard.  Next, she placed the partially swollen cock into her mouth.  She sucked the tip, running her tongue under the folds at the tip.  As she sucked, she ran her tongue over the shaft, trying to suck him back to life.  His cock again responded, this time becoming fully erect.  Janice continued sucking wanting to fill her mouth with his cum.  She kept looking at the clock, she just didn't have that much time.  Disappointed, she crawled off the bed, recovering Mark. 

As she walked the ward, she kept thinking about Mark's hard cock, wondering if it would just remain hard or would it resume its former position.  She felt an inner urgency, not just for herself, but for Mark too!  Like there was some black cloud of doom hanging over his head.  After her shift, she snuck back into his room.  She carefully bared the door from the inside, prior to going to work.  She was prepared this time to go all the way, no matter what happened.  Janice carefully removed the sheet covering Mark, to find, to her surprise, that his penis had remained hard.  She quickly undressed, giving herself more freedom.  She crawled back on to the bed, and continued sucking on his cock.  His penis filled her whole mouth.  As she stroked and suckled his love lance, she kneaded his balls, sometimes, even slipping her pinky up his ass.  She swore on several occasions, Mark wiggled with pleasure.   She was soon awarded for her sucking, as Mark sprayed his pent up cum straight down her throat.  It was like hitting a oil gusher, as it slapped against the roof of her mouth, running down her throat.  She sucked and swallowed every drop, not wanting any of it to go to waste. 

After  he had dumped his load, Janice was hungry for more.  She gently teased his cock back to a solid rock.  She unbuttoned his pajama top, teasing his nipples to attention.  She dared not remove his tubes, deciding to kiss his lips around the equipment.  In her eagerness, she forgot that Mark was in a coma, as she shoved his hard cock deep into her dripping pussy.  She rode him hard and even, wanting to place in first.  She reached between her legs, stroking his balls from behind, as she held on tightly to his chest with her other hand.  She bucked and reared trying to break-in her wild stallion, riding him for the cup.  She felt his body tense, as she rode down the finishing line.  Her body bounced and withered as she came, feeling his second hot load explode deep within.  She slowed her riding, wanting to get a second wind, as Mark's eyes opened.  Mark looked straight at this beautiful chick and her very naked body.  He was a little unsteady and unsure, not knowing exactly where he was.  Looking around he noticed the hospital room and saw the various apparatuses he was plugged into.  Still nothing registered, except he had just fucked or been fucked by this beautiful creature.  He was unaware of his first orgasm, but he was very much aware of his second, as its tingles still racked over his sensitive body. 

Janice looked up sensing movement, she saw Mark looking straight at her.  A particular silly smile clung to his lips, as he tried to talk around the breathing tubes.   Then she heard the noise, someone was banging on the door wanting entrance.   Janice moaned with disappointment, she wanted to take her young stallion for another ride.  Carefully, she crawled off of him, apologizing.  Explaining that she had to let them in.  She carefully dressed back into her uniform and straightened up her disheveled hair.  She quickly crossed the room, letting the concerned family and doctor's in.  They all rushed passed her, demanding an explanation.  Janice stood by Mark's bedside.  Mark tentatively reached out and held Janice's hand.   A little bit of a memory had come back to him.  He remembered driving back from school during a wild storm.  A truck had come from no where, swerving into his lane.  He remembered being hit and his car turning over and over.  Then there was blackness, and he didn't remember anything until a few moments ago.  The doctor's took the tubes away from his mouth and he recognized his family.  The doctors checked his pulse and reactions.  He seemed perfectly normal, except for the peculiar smile on his face. 

As everyone explained how long he was in the coma and exactly who Janice was, his smile grew brighter.  His family wanted Janice to leave, explaining that Mark needed to rest.  Refusing to allow them to shuffle Janice out, he insisted that they had some unfinished business.  He hadn't woken to the joys of an orgasm to miss out.   Eventually, after several trying minutes, he was left alone with Janice.  He stroked the stray hair out of her eyes and asked how he could show his appreciation.   Janice just smiled and said, "how about some more exercise, say once a day for the rest of your life?"  Mark started to laugh.  It was a warm deep hearty laugh, "how about taking me for another ride, right now and we will talk more of the future, later."  Happy to ablidge, Janice again undress, slipping casually out of her uniform.  If this was a part of being a nurse, she was a natural...

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