By the Rising of the Moon
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

As I drove back to my cabin from the local tavern, I reflected on the simplicity of my life.  I was a retired CEO of one of the major fortune 500 companies.  I had purchased my cabin as more of a retreat from my busy life than an investment.  But soon after my retirement, I discovered that I wanted more than anything to live the simple life, filled with fishing and hunting.  I had retired at a young age of 37 already amassing a fortune of over 32 million dollars.  Money had no meaning for me anymore... It was simply a means to an ends.  It purchased the gas for my stove and the cloths on my back.  It enabled me to live an uncluttered quite life filled with all those things I treasured. 

As I drove, I noticed the full moon rising above the tree tops.  In the city, I would seldom see the moon or any stars.  Each time I look at the moon, my freedom from the business world is re-enforced.  I am truly free...  My thoughts were interrupted by someone stumbling in my path.  I slammed on my breaks and skidded to a stop, barley missing her.  She stood in my headlights torn and forlone, and then without further notice, dropped in her tracks.  I knew I had not hit her and yet, I was quite concerned that she may be dead.  As I jumped out of my car, and ran to her side, I thankfully noticed the heaving of her chest.  At least she was breathing.   She had been through something very bad, which was shown by her ripped clothing and the many scratches and abrasions over her body and face.  I carefully carried her to my car, placing her in my back seat.  As I continued to drive to my cabin, I called the local doctor who lived several miles away and the sheriff.

Upon arriving home, I placed my unknown guest into one of my spare bedrooms and then waited for the sheriff and doctor to arrive.  The sheriff had no idea who she was.   She had no identification on her and no one reported any one missing.  The doctor checked her out and said that all she had was some bad bumps and scrapes.   Because there was no local hospital close by, it was decided that she would remain with me.  After the guys left, I went upstairs to get my guest more comfortable.   She was still very much out of it as I undressed her, relieving her of her ripped dress and broken heels.  She was wearing a shear black negligee that left very little to the imagination.  She had large breasts and a slender waist.  On her left hip was a small black mole.  She was sexy and beautiful.  My penis became hard just looking down at her.  I wanted very much to touch her and stroke those large perfect breasts.  As I removed her slip, I noticed that she was only wearing the teeniest pair of g-string panties I have ever seen.  The material barely covered her curly black pubic hair.  I noticed that her slit was very wet and I was wondering what she was dreaming about.  After getting her undressed, I gave her a warm sponge bath, making sure I did not disturb the doctor's handy work.  As I was washing her, she began to stir.  She opened her large hazel eyes and stared directly at me.  She asked who I was and how she got there.  I recapped all the exciting information.   She didn't seem to be bothered that I had undressed her or that I was giving her a sponge bath.  She allowed me to continue as I answered her questions.  She said she was hungry and asked for something to eat. 

After her bath, I nestled her back into the bed and went downstairs tofix her a tray.   Upon my return, I was shocked to see her out of her covers, lying on her side waiting for my return.  She rolled over, asking me to rub her back down.  I set down the tray, and at this point was a little surprised and puzzled.  I moved my hands over her smooth firm skin.   My cock was aching to get out at this point.   She spread her legs, flashing her wet pink pussy at me.  With a mind of their own, my hands traveled down her back and between her legs.  I stroked her hot wet flesh until my fingers were dripping with her juice.  She rolled over, invitingly and I asked if she really wanted to do this.  She said she wanted me to hold her and caress her.  She wanted to feel my hard cock deep inside her and feel that she was alive.   Being more than happy to accommodate her needs, I stripped naked, climbing in bed besides her.  I took each of her large tits into my mouth and began to suck.   She tasted so fresh and sweet.  She nudged my head, bringing her mouth to mine.  Our first kiss was hungry and passionate.  She was the first women I had been with for over a year.  Her kisses were wet and warm, inviting me to explore her mouth with my tongue.  She pushed my mouth away, and pushed me down on the bed.   Her hands roamed my naked body, squeezing my erect nipples.  She lowered her head over my now hard cock.  She initially sucked on the head, causing me to spray a little of my cum down her throat.  She sucked on my juices hungrily as she continued swirling her tongue over my tip and playing with my balls. 

Her hands continued roaming over my body, finally caressing my ass.  She placed one of her fingers into her mouth making it warm and wet.  She plunged her finger up my ass as she continued to suck on my cock.  The pain was mixed with pleasure as I felt an orgasm building.  I told her it was coming and she simply smiled as she started sucking harder.  I dumped my first load down her throat.  My cock wanted to get soft, but she wouldn't let it.  She continued sucking it dry until it was hard and erect.  She moved her body up mine, making sure her large breasts rubbed over my body.  She spread her legs over my cock and plunged its head deep into her welcoming hot cunt.  She rode me like a demon as she held and caressed her own tits.   Right before I was about to cum, for my second time, she reached down and allowed me take one of her tits into my mouth.  I sucked her tit as she rode my cock, riding the orgasmic storm together.

Wasted, I pulled her in my arms, wanting an explanation.  She had a violent brawl with an ex-boyfriend escaping into the woods.  They had come up from the city to rent a cabin, in an attempt to repair their rocky relationship.  An argument started over who was going to get wood for a fire, and he had become violent.  She was surprised she had been able to come out of it alive.  She saw the lights from the trees and needed help, so she ran into the path of my car.  One look at me, she fainted.   She was conscious when I was undressing her and still conscious when I bathed her.   She had felt my hard-on and wanted it deep inside her.  We laid there for several moments further discussing her alternatives.  We both agreed it was best she stayed and the sheriff would get her things in the morning.  That was 8 months ago.   We are now married and living my simple life.  We make the most passionate love all over my cabin and in the nearby woods.  Up here in the rural woods, the towns people have a belief, at the rising of the moon...true love will beckon...  I guess, this time they were right!

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