Blow-up Life
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

Hardly Blowup's were known for their quality.   They were the best priced blow-up dolls in the market.  They had every type of style wanted from brunettes to blondes, large breasted to no breasts.  They had the perfect "A" type to the chubby bunny from next door.  Quality and price, that was their guarantee.  They serviced over 50,000 adult stores and had previously sold more than 4 million dolls.  When the strange complaint came in, about one of their dolls, it was hardly believable.  There was no way that a "Hardly Blowup" did not meet someone's expectations.

Max had heard about the Hardly Blowup's from his pals at the bar.  Since his breakup with Madeline, his sex life had petered down into nothingness.  At first, he was slightly embarrassed, turning to a blowup doll for his sexual satisfaction.  But slowly the idea grew on him.  Why not.  The doll wouldn't complain and would eagerly take it any place Max wanted to shove it.  Max went down to the local adult store.  He was amazed by the wide variety of styles and types that he got to choose from.  He had always wanted a girl with red hair.   Madeline had been a bleach blonde.  He dated Madeline because she was available and willing.  Well, she was willing, until she found someone better.   She bragged how big his dick was compared to Max's.  A red head it was.   In the category of red head's, he got to choose from large tits to no tits, from a natural darling to a perfect darling.  Max wanted something real.  Anyone could have plastic, he wanted a girl from next door, sweet and loving. 

Max carried his new friend to the counter.  He was given a warranty and instructions on the proper use of his doll.  He just couldn't wait to get her home.  She even came with a name, Maggie.  He just couldn't wait to get sweet Maggie home and take her for a ride.  He didn't bother reading the instructions, figuring it wouldn't be that difficult to get her working.  She was made with soft supple rubber that almost felt like real skin.  Her mouth had lips that parted by pressing the back of her head.  She had the most perfect size tits that just fit perfectly inside the palm of his hand.  As he stroked her firm tits, his cock started to grow.  A women he can defile any which way he pleased.  Max could give her a golden shower and still fuck her ass.  The possibilities were endless.  Maggie was truly the cheap date.  Max didn't have to spend one extra red penny on her and he would still get some at the end of the evening.  This was the girl for him.

Max sat her on his sofa.  She came with cloths and he dressed her.  It would be more fun, the first time, to undress her, pretending she was protesting all the way.  He loved being slightly rough with his girls.  The roughness and power turned him on.  Max sat next to Maggie on the sofa, placing his arm around her shoulders.  He closed his eyes, only for a moment to get himself into the mood.  Play acting seemed on one hand stupid and silly.  But his pals told him once he got used to the silliness, it was a major turn on.  "I had a great time tonight," Max said to Maggie.  Maggie tilted her head, and smiled.   Max pulled her closer to him on the sofa, brushing his hand against her firm chest.   "How about getting a little more comfortable," Max said as he started to grab the front of Maggie's blouse.  "I am not that kind of girl", Maggie replied.  Max was in no mood to take no for an answer, especially from a dummy.   He pulled at her blouse, popping all the buttons.  She wore a red lacey bra that revealed her hard nipples.  Max knew she was turned on.  Seeing her taught nipples made his cock grow harder.  It started pulsing in the confines of his pants, wanting to get out. 

Max pushed Maggie down on the sofa, raising her skirt, revealing moist panties.  What a doll!  The manufacturers thought of everything.   Max snaked his fingers under the thin material probing for the wetness between her legs.  Her pussy was so real.  It had a full red bush and the wettest lips he had ever seen.  "Maggie, my girl you are going to have fun tonight", Max growled.  He was so hungry to shove his hard cock deep into her wet pussy.  He unzipped his pants, revealing his swollen cock.  He spread Maggie's legs apart without ceremony, and shoved his cock deep inside.  Maggie's pussy felt so real.   Her walls held his cock so tight, almost squeezing it.  Max thought,   after all she is a virgin.  Max had never popped a girl's cherry before.   He assumed this must be what it was like.  He ground his cock deep inside her as he held her legs apart.  She didn't wobble around on the sofa.  Maggie felt solid, like a real chick.  He could even hear Maggie groaning with pleasure.   "Do ya like this Bitch?", Max inquired.

Riding Maggie was unlike any experience he had had before.  There were no complaints, your too big or your hurting me.  There was nothing except pure enjoyment.  He didn't have to be concerned whether Maggie enjoyed herself, after all she was only a dummy.   It didn't take long for Max to shoot his load deep inside Maggie's warm welcoming pussy.  Max didn't even have to worry about a rubber or disease.  He now understood why his pals bragged that this was the best sex ever!  Max was far from finished.  He wiped his dripping cock on Maggie's skirt, leaving a trail of cum.  He sat Maggie up and used her hands to stroke his penis.  He looked deeply into her sexy eyes, almost wishing she could speak.  He knew Maggie would tell him how wonderfully big his cock was and how she enjoyed being fucked by him.  Max was her master and he could do anything he wanted to his property.  He had bought and paid for a perfect play mate.

He felt Maggie's grip tighten.  He tentatively looked down to make sure he was not imagining it.  Max removed his hands from hers, and she alone held his cock.  Was it possible?  He hadn't read the instructions and it didn't say anything like this on the box.  But there she was holding his cock on her own.  Her fingers curled around his hardening cock and pumped it like he showed her.  As she held the cock, Max started fingering her clit.  Her clit felt different, somehow.  More real, if that was possible.  Maggie's face still had the glassy unconscious look.  It couldn't possibly be alive.  Her hands gripping his cock must be a new aspect or benefit to this doll.  After all, she had cost enough.  Like a robot, Maggie continued pumping his cock.  This time, Max wanted to plunge it up her ass.  She had a tight little hole that his pinky barely penetrated.  It would feel real nice, plunging his cock into something very tight.   Medeline's pussy and ass had been so used, his cock was swimming.  As his cock grew, Max removed her hands.  He turned Maggie over and placed several pillows under her hips.  It was easier for him to penetrate deep, when the chick's ass was in the air. 

As he was about to plunge in, Maggie moved.  He positioned her back in place, believing he jolted her somehow.  Again, he was about to plunge in and again, Maggie moved.  "Okay, Bitch, what's the problem?   Huh?", Max inquired.  What he heard didn't really surprise him.  It was almost expected.  "I need lubrication, first.", Maggie replied.   Max had enough of this.  He had paid good money for this dummy and she was not going to tell him what she needed.  Madeline had done enough of that for both of them!  Max rose from the sofa, and tied Maggie's arms and legs to the sofa.  He made sure she was real snug.  He again positioned himself over her and this time plunged in deep.  Her ass was indeed very tight.  It felt very real, as he pumped his cock in and out, riding her like a wild cowboy.  He heard her screams of pain and ignored same.  She was a dummy and couldn't feel any pain!  It only took him moments, the excitement and tightness causing him to spray his cum deep inside her, filling her with his seed.  His cock was not ready to leave its warm tight hole.   He laid on top of her grasping hold of her tits, nudging the back of her neck.  

Maggie's teeth bared and plunged deep into Max's hand.   The blood tasted good and refreshing.  Max screamed and pulled his hand away.   He looked at the teeth marks and just couldn't believe it.  Out of all the dolls out there, he had bought the only defective one.  He tried pulling his cock out of her ass, but her walls held him tight.  "As I said, I needed lubrication first!", Maggie hissed.  "So let's see how you like it!"  Maggie somehow broke the constraints and rolled over.  Max couldn't move.  He was frozen to the sofa, as his mind screamed, "she's only a dummy!".  Maggie tied Max to the sofa, making sure his ass stuck high up in the air.  She had found a rolling pin in the kitchen, which was about the same size as Max's cock.  She spread Max's cheeks wide as she plunged the rolling pin deep into his ass.  Max screamed with agony, withering on the couch.  Maggie ignored Max's screams, as he had hers, and continued plunging the rolling pin in and out.  After 12 long minutes, the pain stopped.   

Maggie released Max's bounds and slumped down in the corner.  Max stared at the dummy with dread.  His ass coursed with pain.   He gingerly poked his fingers near his hole and felt wetness.  Bringing his fingers to his face, he discovered he was bleeding.  Well he was not going to stand for this.  He had paid good money for this dummy.  He picked up the warranty and dialed the number.  He would exchange Maggie for a new one.  The voice on the other side of the phone, sounded unconvinced.  In the many years of producing fine quality Blow-ups, never had a customer complained.  "Did you read the instructions", the voice inquired? 

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