Between Silk Sheets
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

1998 Ambrosia Vynne

I was not always in the line of business I am now. There was a moment in my life I was a mother and an adored wife, but that was a long long time ago. I do what I do to survive. My children were taken from me, when they were young. My husband left me, after the departure of the children. The fault for their departure was my fault, or so he claimed. But I was not the one who was drinking. I was not the one who got behind the wheel. I was not the one in the car, when it went over the edge. Down down the children went, before they made their departure.

There were several months, when I was lost. I felt hopeless. I had no way to support myself. I had no skills, except being a good mother and a wonderful wife. When my husband left, I had nothing except the cloths on my back and a few friends. That’s when I met Brenda. She pulled me into her world and showed me how I could take the skills I had, being a wonderful wife, and turn them into raw green cash.

Do you know how much a man or women will pay to feel special? I am not like the majority of the women in my profession, I don’t walk the streets looking for "Johns". Johns come to me, by appointment, after they have been thoroughly checked out. They pay top dollar just to be in the same room. I have had some wild times.

I remember once Brenda called me, laughing. It was a belly hearty laugh, that could bring tears to your eyes. She asked if I was open to meeting a gay couple. I must say, I was very curious. How could a meer women, turn on two gay men? They wanted to tie me up and shower me with their attention, for $12,000, I was game!

They met me at my penthouse. They both walked in wearing tight black leather. I showed them my playroom with shackles hanging from the ceiling and walls. They placed me in the middle, making sure I was secure. I told them they could use the whips, if they desire, with one major restriction, they could not draw blood. I love being whipped. I love the pain as it courses through my body and tickles my inner fancy, making me cum. They undressed down to matching leather thongs. Their bodies dripping with anticipation. As they watched each other undress, they both got hard. They had the most beautiful big cocks. They were not the biggest cocks I have ever had, but they were definitely inviting.

As they chained me, I asked if I could suck their precious lances. They responded by brutally ripping my silk dress from my body. They told me to watch how it was done, as the taller of the two, squatted down in front of his lover, placing his lover’s dick into his mouth. How he did it, I don’t know, but he swallowed the whole dick into his mouth and sucked until it was pulsing hard. They asked if I wanted it and I said yes. For each yes, the whip rippled over my bare flesh, raising bright red welts. The tingle of pain passed through my body, causing the flesh between my thighs to become silky wet. I wanted to be touched and played with, but they were interested primarily with themselves. As they whipped me, they became increasingly excited with each other. They removed their leather thongs and surrounded me from both sides. They kept asking if I wanted to feel their heat. I wanted to have their pulsing cocks inside me. I wanted to taste their sweet juices.

I have always enjoyed sex, even with my husband. I love having sex with both men and women, the stranger the better. I was getting off with these two gay guys teasing me with their beautiful large cocks and not letting me touch. I was getting off on the pain they were increasingly distributing over my body. They approached me from either side, inserting one hard cock into my wet pussy and the other into my welcoming ass. They filled me completely. They started playing with each other and kissing each other through me and around me, using me purely as a penetrational device. They were not interested in me as a women. They were interested in fitting their hard cocks into a living hot hole. They came in unison, pulling out in time to shower me with their sweet white juice.

Later I called Brenda and relived the event. They left me so horny, I wanted more. Knowing that I was ready for another customer, Brenda decided to come over and relieve my sexual agony herself. This was not a first. When I was woken with nightmares or left unsatisfied, Brenda and I got together. There was nothing more passionate than having sex with a close friend. We knew each other’s bodies and easily rose each other to increased heightened passion.

This night, she surprised me. When she told me I was in the mood for another customer, I assumed she would come over and relieve me. When Brenda knocked on the door, she had a man with her. His head was covered with a mask. All I could see was a beautifully built body, rippling with hard muscles.

Brenda came in and helped the man undress. We both stared in awe as we viewed the most beautiful body we had seen in a long long time. His body reminded me of someone, someone I had known a long time before. But I couldn’t put my finger on who he was. Brenda moved the man toward me as he released the sash to my robe. I allowed my silk robe to fall around me, displaying my naked body. I approached Brenda and helped her out of her outfit. She loves wearing outfits with all these little buttons and snaps. Sometimes, I am in such a hurry, I just tear her cloths from her, afterwards replacing them with my own.

Brenda and I were immediately drawn to his very well hung member. Kneeling in front of him, we took his member into our hands. We took turns sucking his lance and sucking his balls, occasionally sneaking a kiss or two in between. We were able to maneuver him to the bed, laying him down. He continually groaned with pleasure. He reached down and gently stroked our heads, running his fingers through our hair. Again, something about him was so familiar, but I was unable to place my finger on it.

As I continued sucking on his penis, Brenda started sucking on my nipples. She had lost complete interest in his hard lance. Brenda moved her hot tongue from my nipples, making a sizzling path down my tummy. She nudged her nose over my thick pubic hair, until her tongue found my wet seam. I felt her tongue moving over my lips, occasionally sucking and nibbling.

I wanted to feel his penis deep inside of me, so I straddled over his hard cock, plunging it deep. I forgot about Brenda, which is quite unusual, as I rode his hard lance. I had to know who was this stranger. He seemed to know precisely how to please me, because as I straddled him, he moved his hands to my large firm breasts and massaged them just as I liked it.

As we approached orgasm, I wanted to deeply kiss this very sexual specimen of the male species. As I felt his body stiffen with the oncoming wave of pleasure, I pulled off his black mask, revealing an astonishing secret. I grasped not only in pleasure but also in shock, as we came together.

You may have already guessed... Yes, there before me was the husband who had left me, several years ago. I looked around the room for Brenda, but she had long ago departed. I was both shocked and hurt. The old pain and betrayal coming back in the same tormented waves of the orgasm that had just slammed against my beach, echoing its song through my ears. Beneath me was the man, I still very much loved and yet, deep in my soul I hated. He tried to hold me as I struggled to pull away. All I wanted to know was, why... Why did he come back? And why like this, a masked man, paying for sex? Brenda’s customer (my ex-husband) had paid a cool $10K for one more tussle in the hay. Why?

He held me as I struggled against him, beating my fists across his chest. He told me he still loved me. He didn’t dare ask for my forgiveness, for he knew it would never come. But he could now afford me, and if he couldn’t have me as a wife, then perhaps occasionally, he would have me as a lover.

The sentiment was sweet, as I told him his time was up, promptly showing him to the door. As I closed the door in his face, I realized this last time, this last roll in the hay had somehow released the energy I was holding for him.

Brenda and I have thoroughly discussed this evening over the last few months. We both agree that that evening was the most profitable and the weirdest. Since I have released the pent up anger and feelings I held for my ex-husband, my sexual situations have become much more enjoyable. Additionally, I have finally realized the only true partner for me is Brenda. I can’t wait to have new and exciting experiences with her and my new found freedom. As for my ex-husband, well he can pay someone else for sex... His money is not wanted at this door!

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