Best Friend
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

Daryl and Margaret had been best friends for years.  They had a mutual bond that saw them through the thick and thin that life had to offer.  They depended on each other in time of need.  Whenever something happened to Daryl, he was on Margaret's door step seeking comfort and understanding.  Margaret held him and comforted him more times than she could count.  The comforting was never mutual, but that was okay with Margaret.  There was a reason Daryl was in her life.  Part of the reason was his need to be comforted and his need to have someone dependable, especially when things didn't go his way.  Sex had never factored into their friendship.  Margaret did find Daryl desirable, but she didn't want to harm the relationship.  Daryl was her best friend, in a weird way.  She depended on him for business and personal reasons.   Their friendship stemmed to all things, including sharing with each other their sexual fantasies. 

Margaret called Daryl over to work on a computer problem.  Computers were Daryl's strong point.  Daryl sat down in front of Margaret's computer and went to work.   Margaret looked on in awe.  His fingers flew against the keys and screen blinked on by.  He knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it.  As Daryl worked, Margaret started massaging his back.  It was the same old routine.   Margaret first started with his back, peeling off his shirt.  She loved rubbing her hands over his skin and massaging out his kinks.  As she massaged him, she allowed herself to get aroused.  She had done this routine so many times before.   After he departed, she would quickly masturbate herself to an orgasm.  She loved playing with her own pussy and she knew just what needed to be done to get herself really wet and hot!  After she massaged his back, she stroked his bald head.   Daryl had shaved his head due to his continued hair loss.  It was actually a joke between them.  Several years ago, Daryl had paid several thousands of dollars to have hair plugs implanted.  Then literally 6 months after the procedure, he decided to shave his head.  His shaved head actually turned her on.  Normally, she loved guys with full heads of hair.  But something about his shaved head, made her juices bubble...

As usual, she sat down in front of him and started massaging his feet.  All this time, Daryl is still plugging away at her computer, trying to resolve the problem.   Something felt different that evening, that Margaret was unable to pin down.   She didn't bother finishing his feet, as she reached up and started rubbing his crotch.  She wanted to taste her friend, placing his cock inside her mouth and see if she could make him cum.  It was more power and control, versus anything else.   She found she was getting turned on like she had never done so before.  Just merely rubbing his cock through his pants was a turn on.  She felt his cock respond, by growing hard against her hand.  As his cock continued to grow through her attention, she slipped her other hand between her legs.  She never wore panties under her shorts.  She moved her hand up her shorts leg, and soon found her wet hot pussy.   She slipped her fingers in and out of her own wet pussy as she continued to rub his cock.  Wanting to have his cock inside her mouth, she pulled down his pants, revealing her prize.  She was so excited.  Daryl didn't seem to mind as she opened her mouth and started sucking on his penis.  His cock was so very large that she barely got it all to fit.  She felt it grow even harder, as she continued sucking on him.  She pulled his cock from her mouth, and started running her tongue along his shaft.  She nestled her head between his legs, and started sucking on his balls.   She marveled on how nice he tasted.  They had been friends for years, and she never thought of giving him head.  She sometimes wondered just how big he was from the sizable bulge in his pants.  She slipped his cock back into her mouth, gilding it smoothly in and out. 

As she sucked him, he bent over and reached into the front of her shirt.  He pulled her taught tits out of her sports bra and massaged them with his hands.  She groaned with pleasure.  Before she knew it, he had slipped off her shirt.  She sat in front of him, bare chested giving him free access to her small firm chest.  He preferred small firm breasts to very large breasts.  She sat up higher, enabling his hard cock to ride between her breasts as she continued sucking on his head.  He leaned back, closing his eyes, enjoying the pleasure Margaret was giving him.  He wanted to pleasure her in return.  He pulled her up from his throbbing cock and moved her to her bed.  He laid her down on her back, pulling down her moist shorts.   He was amazed by how pink and wet her pussy was.  He had sometimes wondered what it would be like to fuck his best friend.  She had a natural grace about her, when she entered into a room.  He had noticed many times how men just seemed to be naturally attracted to her.  She had the warm gracious charisma that made people feel special.  He always felt special just being her friend. 

She reached between her legs and encouraged his cock to move upward to her face.   She wanted to taste his cum first and then, if he was ready to get hard a second time, he could ride her to oblivion.  He straddled her face, dangling his cock over her mouth.  He felt a little guilty as she sucked his cock in, holding it between her lips.  A shadow of pure enjoyment crossed her face, as she sucked on his penis.  He was unsure whether the look of enjoyment had anything to do with him.  Through sharing their sexual fantasies with each other, he knew of her enjoyment for giving head.  When she had shared that information with him, he had fantasized (not sharing the fantasy with her) her giving him head.  He had been attracted to Margaret for a number of years, but was unwilling to destroy the long term friendship on a casual fling.   After his divorce, Margaret had been there to pick up the pieces.  Margaret had always been there, making herself available when he was in need.  He knew he never reciprocated.  Although she was close to him and he cared a great deal for her, he didn't want her to know how much.  She had depended on so many other's for support throughout the years.  He knew he was lucky to still be counted as one of her friends, let alone be considered her best friend.  As he stroked her head, she continued sucking his cock.  He couldn't hold his orgasm back.  She was excellent at giving head.  He had never experienced anything quite like it before.   She concentrated and paid complete attention to his hard shaft.  She consumed it and in turn allowed his cock to consume her.  She devoured his cum as he shot his hot load into her face and down her throat. 

He was amazed when she continued sucking his soft sensitive cock.  He tried desperately to wiggle away from her mouth, but she sucked so well.  The pleasure she was spreading through his body was unlike any orgasm he had prior experienced.  The tingles and throbs of the orgasm lasted for a long time, as his cock responded to her tenderness.  She encouraged him to place his re-newed cock between her wet folds.   She pulled the head down her wet pussy lips, teasing the sensitive head.  He wanted to plunge his hard cock deep between her legs, but she held him back...teasing him.   He pushed her hands aside, pinning them to her sides, as he eagerly rammed his cock deep into her welcoming cunt.  As he rode her hard and wild, she moaned with pleasure.  She had thought about this moment often, wanting to ride his cock.   To finally, after all these years, have his hard cock deep inside her hot wet pussy was a dream come true.  He released his strong hold, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her.  She allowed her taught nipples to rub against his hairy chest.  He bent his head a moment, capturing her mouth with his.  The kiss was long, hot and wet.  The kiss deepened their passion as she shifted her hips welcoming each one of his thrusts.  They came together in a torrent of groans.   She held him tight, as her body was raked with electric pulses resulting from the orgasm.  He had never come twice in such close succession.  He looked down at his friend and a small thought of worry passed through his mind.  What had he done...   was the friendship ruined.  To loose Margaret over a short escapade of love...   She smiled up at him, sensing his uncertainty.  She pulled him close to her, holding him tight in her arms.  No matter what happened or how this new curve in their friendship panned out, she would always be there...willingly, for her best friend.   Besides, what were friends for...


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