Bathroom Memories
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

I remember when I was growing up sharing everything with my best friend.   She lived right next door and we were the same age.  Our parents both stuttered and avoided the subject of sex, when we asked.  So we investigated the phenomena ourselves.  We were both very intelligent; therefore, we started our research at a local library.  We found out about pregnancy and the different views of sex.  Never seeing any sexual organs, we decided to look at our own.  Our parents decided to go to dinner together, leaving us home with enough money for a pizza.   We were not nearly as interested with the pizza, as we were with the amount of time we would be left alone.  It may turn out to be an all night affair, our mother's informed us, so don't worry and don't wait up.  We giggled like two school girls.   This would give us plenty of time to explore the world of sex.  We had preparing for just an occasion.  We went to the bathroom hand in hand.  We were going to start the show and tell.  Individually we had previously looked at and explored our own bodies.  Now it was time to do so together.  We had picked up a book discussing the joys of sex.  We had also found several interesting "tools" in both of our parent's bedrooms.  We brought all these things to the bathroom with us.

After drawing strings, I was first.  I pulled up my t-shirt exposing my flat chest.  I had small nipples at that time and little else.  My breasts had not yet started to bud and I wore no bra.  She stared in awe.  My breasts were so much different than hers.  She had already been wearing a bra for several years now.   She lifted her shirt exposing a white bra.  She removed her bra and her breasts hung like two large melons.  Her nipples where large and dark red, where mine were small and shell pink.  We both removed our shirts and stared.  I reached out and tentatively touched her breasts.  They were soft and squashy.  Touching them was nice, though.  I spread my hands over her breasts cupping them in my palms.   She sighed with pleasure.  Both of us felt like we had to pee.  As we started pulling down our pants, we just couldn't hold it any longer.  A small yellow stream started to flow down our legs.  We both looked down, watching the trail wet our pants leg.  Instead of being embarrassed we felt wonderful.  We finished removing our pants and slipped out of our panties.  We looked down at each other's crotch.  She placed her fingers over mine as I placed my fingers over hers.  We counted to 10 and then slipped our fingers between each other's legs.  We held our fingers still, just feeling the hot wetness.  We never thought we were doing anything wrong.  It just felt natural to us.  That evening was one to remember, as we fondled and explored each other's body.  We cleaned up our mess and returned the "tools" back where we found them.  We sat together on the sofa, eating pizza and reading the sex book. 

That was several years ago.  Today we are living with each other and our friendship has never died.  We both have played with men and their penis'.  We have sucked and fucked like rabbits and we still prefer each other.  We recently went to a local restaurant for dinner, and went to the bathroom together.  We saw two other best friends showing and telling in the ladies bathroom.  It brought back so many warm memories.  We smiled fondly at each other.  Memories of our first sexual moments together in the bathroom filling our minds.  We thought about the initial fascination with our bodies that has grown over the years.  I held her hand and pulled her into a stall.  I moved my hands up her skirt and between her legs.   Her panties were moist with anticipation.  I pulled them down and allowed her hot pee run over my hands.  I smelled her stench and I was so turned on.  I moved her hands down my pants and into my panties.  Her hands found my hot pussy as I peed into her hands.  We looked down at the mess we had just made, and didn't care.   We were so aroused.  She unbuttoned her blouse, removing her large firm tits from her bra.  I pulled up my shirt, exposing my still flat chest.  We held each other tight, rubbing our chests together.  Her nipples grew tight with mine.  We touched and explored each other's bodies in the confines of the stall.  I pulled down my pants and shrugged out of my panties.  My pussy throbbed with the anticipation of her touch.  Although she had touched me many times before, each time was like the first.  She excited me unlike any others.  She ran her fingers between my legs, playing with my hot wet pussy.  I reciprocated, running my fingers over her pussy.  Our mouths found each other's as we shared a hot wet kiss.  I was getting excited yet again, and another stream of hot pee ran between her fingers.   She inserted her wet fingers up into my hot cunt and I squeezed her closer to me.   I wanted to touch her and feel her heat as I felt my own.

I knelt down in front of her, running my tongue over her drenched pussy.  She wiggled and peed.  I willingly sucked up her sweet juices, swallowing the little savor of pee.  I ran my noise deep between her legs, filling my head with her stench.   I loved the way she smelled.  She pulled me up by my hair, and I eagerly obeyed.  Her mouth again found mine and we plunged our tongues into each other's mouth.  Through our eagerness we banged against the stall's walls shaking their foundation.  A women's voice echoed down asking if we were okay.  We both responded a shallow yes, not taking our eyes from each other.  Again my best friend moved her hand between my legs and fingered my pussy.  I straddled my legs around hers holding tight, releasing my firm hold allowing my orgasm to pulse through my body.   She was so excited feeling my hot pussy juices that a few more drops of hot pee splash against her leg, that she too came with an explosion.  We held each other close as our shared orgasms ran through our bodies.  We held each other for a moment longer, than started cleaning ourselves up.

We returned to our seats.  Our friends were concerned about what had taken us so long.  We shared with our friends the two young girls playing show and tell.  We smiled at each other, knowing what show and tell did for our friendship.  Our friends caught the smile and we explained.  We were welcomed in the lesbian community.   Our friends were first disgusted by our peeing experiences, but soon became as intrigued as we are.  The feeling of peeing on each other's fingers is like nothing else we have experienced.  As we continued eating our dinner, our hands found each other's lap and started to explore.  We held on to the conversation and answered our friend's questions.  Their questions were starting to arouse us again.  We just couldn't wait to get home, and further explore our bathroom memories...


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