A Day of House Cleaning
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

My day started out normal, as I made breakfast for my husband and got the kids ready for school.  As everyone left the house, I prepared my daily "to do" list.  The house needed a good cleaning and I was prepared to start.  I first started in the living room, dusting and vacuuming.  I still have no idea what came over me that day.  My husband has never been fabulous in bed.  Sure, when we were first dating, sex was great.  But through the years of marriage and after each child was born, something just changed between us.  He complained he was too tired for sex, after his long day of work.  I suspected, with no proof, that he maybe having extra-material affairs.  But he was a good provider and I had the kids.   I reflect that all now, after that weird day of house cleaning.  It started so normal.  I got the vacuum out of the closet and plugged it in.  What gave me the idea, I don't know.  What gave me the will power to act on that idea, again I don't know. 

As I was vacuuming, I was enjoying how the handle vibrated in my hands.  I moved the vacuum handle between my legs and rode it like a vibrator.  The very act aroused me.  I found myself peeling off my layers of clothing and laying down on the sofa with my legs spread eagle.  I moved the handle of the vacuum between my legs as I played with my nipples.  My nipples became hard with just the knowledge that I was doing something naughty.  What would my husband think if he caught me?  Just that thought, made me extremely wet.  I can't remember the last time my pussy throbbed with that much desire.  I felt the wetness and heat between my legs, as I shoved the handle of the vacuum cleaner deep inside me.  I was unaware I was being watched.  I was so engrossed with my naughty masturbation, that I jumped when I heard the noise.  I looked over the sofa and saw my husband peering down at me.  At first I thought he would be very angry.  Then I saw the hard bulge between his legs.   He smiled and said "so this is what you do all day!"  I could not say a word.  I still had the vacuum handle deep up my hot pussy and I was close to cumming.  He watched as I orgasmed. 

I started getting up from the sofa, as he walked around to face me.  He turned to someone else and said, "may I present my wife."  I was shocked and embarrassed and...  well...  a little excited.  The last time I was involved in a threesome was during colleague.  I didn't realize I missed sex, until that very moment when my pussy started throbbing with desire.  I tentatively turned my head and looked at my husband's college.  He couldn't have been more that 25 years old.  He was trim with thick black curly hair and a mustache.  He was unbuttoning his shirt and a smiled played on his lips.  "Well, I guess this gives me an opportunity to show you what I can do boss", he said to my husband.   I looked between my husband and his colleague.  I was a little surprised how quickly things were moving.  Then the realization hit me...  My husband hadn't expected me to be home.  Today was the day I normally went shopping and did all my weekly errands.  He had come home with this young man, for what...  sex?   Could my husband be gay?  I looked up at my husband with questioning eyes.   He was watching the young man.  If my husband was gay, that would explain a lot about our marriage and our lack of sex life. 

My lips moved before my brain could react.  My husband looked down at me with sad eyes.  Yes, he was gay.  He had been trying to tell me for the past several years, but never could figure out how.  I sat there on the sofa stunned.  My pussy still throbbed with desire.  The desire was for all the sex I had missed in the last few years.  Again, I looked at the young man.  He smiled and said, "I am bi.  And if it is okay with you boss, I would love to do your wife."  My husband knodded his approval, and sat down in a chair opposite of the sofa.  The young man knew exactly what he was doing as he approached me.  I eagerly took his firm cock into my mouth and started sucking.  He reached behind himself and turned the vacuum cleaner back on.  He placed the handle that had just recently been up my tight pussy, up his ass.  As he rode the vacuum cleaner, I sucked his cock to hardness.  I moved his cock in and out of my mouth, occasionally licking the sensitive folds of skin at its head.  As I sucked, I cupped his balls.  It had been so long since I gave head.  I missed feeling a cock grow hard in my mouth.   I missed the taste of a man's cum spraying in my mouth.  As I sucked, I wondered what the future would hold. 

I hadn't realized that my husband moved from his chair.  He stood behind the young man, removing the vacuum handle from his ass.  He replaced the handle with his hard cock.  The young man seemed pleased being fucked by both husband and wife.  He removed his cock from my mouth.  As he did so, he gently pushed my husband's cock out of his ass.  He reached for both of our hands and led us to our bedroom.  Once in the bedroom, he positioned me on my back.  He straddled himself between my legs.   My husband again approached him from behind and inserted his cock up his tight ass.   As the young man rammed his hard cock deep up my wet pussy, my husband rammed his cock up the young man's ass.  All three of us moved in unison.  The young man reached down and started playing with my taught nipples.  I noticed my husband's hand reach around his young lover's sides and caress his nipples.  In a strange way, my husband was fucking me.  He was fucking me through his young lover.  As my husband's young lover rode me, I wiggled my ass with enjoyment.  My mind was focusing on the delicious feelings that were seeping over my body.  Feelings that I have been missing for the last several years.  I wanted to feel anger and I am sure anger will eventually come.  But for now I pitied my husband.  He was trapped in a marriage with a women that he loved and yet craved a man.  That must have been difficult for him.

All those late nights when I imagined him with another women.  I had no idea that the other women was actually a man.  I wondered if this young guy was my husband's only lover or did he have others.  My attention was brought back to the young lover when he bucked his excitement.  He dumped his first load of hot cum up my tight pussy.  I had not yet cum and my displeasure was clearly portrayed on my face.   My husband's young lover bent down and whispered in my ear, "I am not yet done with you darling..."  He maneuvered me on my tummy and I squirmed with delight.   His cock was immediately hard again, as he squeezed my firm butt cheeks.  My husband had already cum and had since removed his cock from his young lover's ass.   He was sitting across the room, watching the action.  His cock laid limp in his lap.  He looked exhausted and worn out.  Again, I pitied him.  His young lover spread my butt cheeks and rammed his hard cock up my ass.  I sucked in my breath, slowly releasing the air in my lungs.  The pain was so intense and yet, so delicious.  The pain soon gave way to pleasure.  I roused myself on all fours, giving him more room.  He penetrated me hard and deep.  He grabbed hold of my small firm breasts as he continued jamming his hard cock deep inside me.  The first few spasms of pleasure started forming between my legs.  They quickly spread down my legs, as my body shook in erotic pleasure.

That day was truly strange.  My husband and his young lover went to take a shower together, as I got dressed.  I finished cleaning the living room and was preparing to clean the kitchen, as they walked down.  My husband sat done on one of the kitchen chairs and asked what was the next step.  I told him that I needed sex, but I still loved him.   I would be willing to continue our marriage, for the sake of our kids.  But I would need to find lovers, just as he had found lovers.  We would not bring any of our lovers home.  We would set aside a budget each month for hotel rooms or maybe get an apartment that we could share for our various sexual encounters with other people.  

As the months passed, we worked out the logistics.  I still have a beautiful home, a stable life and my kids.  My husband is a great provider.  We still very much love each other, almost like good friends.  During the day and the weekends, we share the arms of others who can fulfill our separate sexual desires.  My marriage is truly now perfect...


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