A Time for Two
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

© 1998 Ambrosia Vynne

It’s well known, once you have had black you don’t go back! Janice mused that little saying over and over in her mind. Maybe she should take the plunge,   nothing else seemed to work.  Lately sex with her husband has become boring. The same thing over and over again. He would come, then turn over and go to sleep. He didn’t seem concerned about her desires, her wants.

Each morning, after he left for the office, Janice would drive to the local coffee house and treat herself to a Cafe Mocha. The few quite hours she shared with only herself outside of the house, gave a deeper insight into her wants and desires. She wanted, needed something more than what her husband had been providing. Life was too short to only have sex with a husband who didn’t take care for his wife’s sexual needs.

She looked around herself, watching the other people coming and going. Which one of these people, if any of them, would make a good lover. What makes a good lover? Is it truly race? Does a black lover make the best lover? This was a question that she desperately wanted answered. She made a promise to herself, in the next week she would try several different lovers. The only way to find the answer is to experiment. Let the experiment begin.

For the next several days, Janice purposely went out to meet people. On her first day, she came home very lucky. She had met a black couple who were very interested in adding her to their evening activities. Todd was 6’2" and very well built. He had the body of an athlete. His wife, Veta was a slim women with a chunky built. They had a very open sex life and were always willing to add new people. Janice was slightly envious of their relationship, they had been married just as long as she had been, and their sexual relationship was very fulfilling.

Janice made all the arrangements to meet them at their house later that evening. To her surprise and dismay, her husband was sitting in the living room. It turned out that Todd worked with her husband. Dan, her husband, realized several months ago, that he was not pleasing his wife. It was not because he didn’t want to or that her sexual feelings weren’t important to him. He just thought maybe she needed a change. He was surprised when Todd called him at the office, telling him that his wife was going to their place tonight. Feeling a little uncomfortable, Janice sat on the other side of the room. Todd decided he needed to break the ice. Todd stood in front of Janice and started to get undress. Taking his cue, Veta his wife, stood in front of Dan and started to get undress. Noticing that Dan was responding, Janice too got undress.

Janice tentatively reached out to touch Todd’s smooth chest. Unlike Dan, Todd had no hair on his chest. His chest was solid muscle. Taking a peak back at her husband, she firmly believed that Veta was getting the short end of the stick with this deal. Todd looked over Janice’s firm body, and was confused. He couldn’t understand why Dan couldn’t please this beautiful women.

Todd’s penis anticipated his feelings, as it stood erect ready for action. Janice was feeling naughty. She moved closer to Todd, reaching out and stroking his hard lance. She turned around and spread her cheeks wide, allowing him free entry. Todd inserted his hard cock into her tight ass. The pain was crippling at first, then sweet ripples of small orgasms pulsed through her body. Todd held her hips as he gyrated in and out. In the first time in years, Janice orgasmed. The power of her orgasm, yanked an animal yell from her throat. Todd was so excited by Janice’s aggressive move, he shot his full wad quickly. Veta was a wonderful lover, but she had never excited him this much. He was so excited he was soon ready for more.  Todd and Janice, took a sneak peak at Dan and Veta.

Dan was very much enjoying himself.  Veta was a slow, precise lover, much like he was.  Veta was much more of a compatible lover than his wife.  His penis got gradually hard through Veta's attention.  Once hard, he laid on top of Veta, spreading her silky brown legs.  He inserted his pink lance deep into her dripping hole.  Veta knew she was not much of a lover.  She never really enjoyed fucking.   To her the quicker it was over the better.  She didn't mind Dan taking the aggressive.  Dan dropped his load deep into Veta.  He turned over exhausted, and curled up to Veta's back to relax.  This was fine with Veta.  Todd usually tried everything to make her cum.  Cumming was fine, but it wasn't important.  The important aspect of having sex was whether or not your partner enjoyed himself.  Veta was born in the old school, sex is for making babies and the enjoyment of your man.   She looked over at her husband, noting that Janice was more his speed.  They were deeply engrossed with each other, Todd's hard cock was inside Janice's wet pussy.   They both were utilizing just too much energy for such a simple act, Veta thought.    It was weird, that Todd was right, Veta was better suited to Dan and Janice was better suited for Todd. 

Todd and Dan had spoken about this moment quite often, each one plotting and waiting.   They never thought the "girls" would go for it.  Veta was surprised that Janice had the guts to make the first move.  Their engines hadn't even started cooling, as Todd shot another load deep into the confines of Janice.  She wanted more of this man that moved like a panther.  Having sex with Todd, was like driving a red racy sports car.  She had married a Sedan and had sexually craved a Porsche.   After Janice and Todd had cum numerous times, they eventually fell into each other's arms exhausted.

It was Dan who brought the idea up, to Janice's amazement.  Veta was his equal.   He had never enjoyed sex so much.  From his wife's performance, Dan soon realized that Todd was her equal.  What he proposed was very simple.  Todd and Dan were switching wives.  Janice had no problems and nor did Veta; therefore, it was settled.  After everyone had gotten dressed, Dan took Veta home and Janice stayed with Todd.  New living arrangements would have to be made, and eventually, maybe they would discuss divorce.  But for the present, everyone was happy with their sexual equal.  There would be plenty of time to decide, how far they would go.

The End.


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