A Simple Matter of Finger Prints
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

Getting the promotion to Detective Second Grade was a dream come true.  With the new title and substantial raise, came more responsibility, which I thought I was well prepared for until the new case was placed on my desk, and my boss called me into his office.  There had been a slew of puzzling thefts throughout the greater part of Boston.  It seemed from the evidence that we had thus far, what looked like an inside job.   Several very wealthy pillars of our fine city had private vaults in their houses that held artwork that was suppose to be in some of the largest museums in the world.   In essence these "pillars" had their own private museums of fine artwork, that they alone could view.   I am not saying that I agreed with their opulence, or disagreed...it was just suspicious that a perp knew about their treasures and could so easily penetrate their defenses.  The case stunk and so did my assignment.  I was the only women Detective the city had.  They said it was because the other women officers were not qualified for the work, but I knew better.   Behind my shield I had large round tits that could make any villain sing a different song.  I saw how the other Detectives stared at me as I walked to my desk.   Each one of them wanted to get their cock between my legs and see if it would sing.  I am not saying I am a prude or anything like that.  Afterall, I do enjoy my share of sex. 

As I sat down at my desk, I opened the file again, looking at the picture of the suspect.  The boss wanted me to get the guy's finger prints.  He was one of the wealthiest men in our little community and well known for the millions he had given to many charities in need.  Getting his finger prints was going to be tough.  The boss had arranged that this evening I would attend a dinner dance that Marcus Wellington was sponsoring to help raise money for one of his causes.  I looked at his picture and was enticed.  The boss was going to have the lab spray my body with a special compound which enabled them to lift finger prints from the skin.  If I was unable to obtain a glass that the man touched or something else for that matter, then I was assigned to use what arsenal I had, to get the man to touch me.  I would have thought that Mr. Wellington's finger prints were on file, but no one in the community had a set.  He was a mysterious man with no past, that had moved to this little community almost 6 years ago.   Since that time, Mr. Wellington was in everything legal, from politics to building multi-million dollar residential housing.  Several special assigned police offices also suspected him of some underhanded illegal transactions, as well.  But we were unable to build a case against him as of yet.

I arrived to the party dressed in the gown the police department "borrowed" from one of the large fashion houses.  Around my neck was strung a million dollars in jewels.  Afterall, I had to look the part.  I saw him from across the room, our eyes catching and holding.  He was an elegantly dressed man in a black tuxedo.   The tux looked like it was made for him, and it probably had been.  It fitted him so perfectly.  He placed his glass down on the table, and glided across the room toward me.  My cover was a wealthy heiress whose father had just recently passed away, leaving her millions in oil and stock.  As he approached me, I started to sweat.  My god he was so good looking and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to pull this off.   As I introduced myself, I offered him my hand, which he held for a moment, bringing to his lips and kissing.   The kiss was so tender and intimate.   He never once took his eyes off me.  I saw his eyes admiring my plunging neckline and my taught nipples.  My assignment flew from my mind.  I was consumed with a strong sexual desire to get this man into a bed, any bed, and get him naked.  I imagined my hands roaming his naked flesh, having his hard cock grow hard inside my mouth as I sucked.  I wanted him to pull out my firm large breasts and massage them with his large soft hands.  I wanted to feel his hot breath down my neck, as I opened my legs wide, allowing him to enter my wet confines.  Almost sensing my desire, he guided me to another room, begging to be excused from his guests.   He asked me to be seated as he made several calls, asking his staff that he not be disturbed for the remaining of the evening.

He sat on the sofa besides me and moved his hands down my front.   "So, officer I see you have no wires."  "How did you know I was a cop?", I inquired.  He laughed and smiled, "I know everything that happens in this city.   You are here for my finger prints.  What you will find will surprise you."  He took off his tuxedo jacked and laid it lovingly down on the chair.   He unbuttoned his shirt and displayed his chiseled chest covered with a matting of curly black hair.  With a will of their own, my hands traveled down his firm chest, unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down.  I kneeled in front of him, and pulled out his growing cock.  I placed his penis into my mouth and started to suck.  I moved my tongue over its tip and down its shaft.  I wanted to taste every inch of him as he filled my mouth.  I moved him in and out continuing to suck.   He started laughing and asked if this was part of the assignment.  I looked up at him, and smiled, "at least I can enjoy the assignment...  no?" 

As an answer to my question, he pulled me from my knees embracing me in his arms.   He moved his mouth over mine and pierced my mouth with his tongue.  I felt warmth spread down my body and a tingling of anticipation between my thighs.  His hands moved down my back, removing the expensive fabric that draped my body.  He gently picked me up and carried into the next room.   My back was laid down onto the softest mattress of feathers.  I felt the feathers caress my body and tickle my taught tits.  He moved his mouth over my breasts, sucking on each one of my nipples as his hands continued roaming by body.  I ran my fingers through his thick curly black hair, pulling his mouth back to mine.  I curled my legs around his firm buttocks and pinned him on his back.  I dangled my tits in front of his mouth, teasing him.  As I ran my hands over his firm chest, I inserted his hard cock between my legs, holding it deep and tight inside my wet pussy.  I rode him like I have never rode a man before.  My hot pussy squeezed his hard cock, ensnaring it deep inside me.   As I rode his cock, I reached behind my ass and started stroking his balls.  I swiveled around on his cock, facing his feet.  I stroked his inner thighs as I continued riding my hard stallion.  I bent over, stealing licks of his balls between each one of my strokes.  I pounded his hard meat deeper inside me wanting to feel his hot cum.  I moved my hands down his calves and reached out playing with his toes.   He spread my cheeks apart and shoved his fingers deep up my ass. 

As the pain grew on me, my body shivered with the first blossoms of an orgasm.   The pleasure racked my body as I continued riding him.  He pulled his fingers out of my ass and turned me around facing him.  He turned me over on my back, slowly ensuring that his hard cock stayed deep inside my wet pussy.  I spread my legs wide allowing him the room he needed.  He pulled my ass up into the air, riding deep inside me.  He plunged harder and harder inside me, eventually exploding his sweet juices against my walls.  He laid on top of me, for just a few moments, catching his breath.  He nuzzled his nose in my hair smelling my natural fragrance.  I could feel his cock stirring with life deep inside me.  I pulled him closer, wrapping my legs around his firm ass.  I lifted my hips and arched my back, welcoming his rhythmic thrusts, as yet again he plunged deep inside me.  He shifted his weight and removed his hard cock from my wet hot pussy.  He brought his dripping cock to my mouth and I gladly bathed it with my tongue, sucking off our combined sweet juices.   I plunged his cock deep inside of my mouth, showering it with my tongue.  As I sucked him dry, I continuously moved my tongue up and down his shaft, occasionally circling around the flesh around his head. 

I felt the stiffening of his body, as he orgasmed, sending his second load down my throat.  I swallowed each drop, sucking his cock looking for more.  He pulled his cock away from my mouth, laying down besides me.  I stayed in his embrace until morning.  As I woke, breakfast was waiting for me.  After eating my breakfast, I dressed leaving the house.  I immediately went to the lab.  At the lab, they sprayed the second compound on my skin, looking for finger prints.  We were amazed by our results.  We had found several perfect prints, but they were all mine.  Even after making love to Mr. Wellington, my body held none of his prints.  It was if the man had no finger prints.  Several days later, I received an invitation to have lunch with Mr. Wellington.  I eagerly accepted.  At lunch, Marcus inquired as to how much I make as an officer.  When I informed him about my meager wages, he asked if I would like a job as head of his security.  There were several perks to the job, one of which I would be traveling all over the world with Marcus.  The possibilities were endless. 

As far as I know, the case is still unsolved and no one has come up with a set of Marcus' prints.  Being the head of his security and his lover, I make sure that his prints will never be lifted, except by me...  I kiss them each and every night right after he makes mad passionate love to me and fucks each one of my orifices...  After all, it is a simple matter of finger prints...


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