A Long Ride Into Midnight
By Ambrosia Vynne

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

copyright 1999 Ambrosia Vynne

The divorce papers delivered to my office this afternoon through me for a loop.   I had been married to my wife for 11 years.  We had met in high school and soon after, got married.  Like all marriage, we had some problems.  But for the last 3 years, our marriage had been wonderful.  We had grown together, sharing our lives and building a fairly successful business.  We had everything a successful couple could dream of, the 2.5 kids (one was still in the oven), a nice house, a vacation home, a boat and money enough to burn.  That's way the divorce papers had thrown me for  a loop.  I just couldn't understand what had gone wrong.  I tried calling her from the office, but she refused my calls.   After calling my wife, I called Francis my mistress for the last 9 years.  I needed to talk to someone and sort this all out.  My wife had known about my affairs.  I needed sex and lots of it.  My wife was unable and unwilling to keep up with my sexual drive.   Francis was willing and ready to perform the sexual acts most wives found beastial.   I took very good care of Francis, setting her up in her own condo and giving her a monthly salary.  Her job was simple:  Keep me sexually happy. 

I sent my limo to pick Francis up and bring her to my office.  I needed to feel her firm hands on my shoulders as I called my attorney to straighten out this mess.   I loved my wife very dearly and had no desire to loose her or her influence.   My chauffeur called from downstairs, announcing Francis.  Francis suggested that I make my calls in the Limo, as we drove up the coast.  She always had these marvelous ideas and she knew how to calm and relax me.  As we drove up Pacific Coast Highway, she slipped me out of my cloths.  I laid down on the adjourning seat and she rubbed me down.  I still couldn't understand why my wife wanted a divorce.  I showered money on her and gave her everything she could possibly want.  I never made many sexual demands on her, since finding Francis.  Most wives just couldn't be bothered with sex anymore.  Besides, after a certain point in the marriage, a man gets tired of his wife.  He needs to run through the jungle hunting for new game.   But that still was no reason to ask for a divorce.  Francis moved me on my side, and started sucking on my soft cock.  I really was not in the mood for sex, but Francis knew what was best for me.  My cock started expanding in her mouth, becoming as hard as a rock.  I grabbed her head and pounded my flesh deep inside her mouth.   I had taught her how to expand her mouth wide, not using her teeth on my large cock.  She sucked my head as I liked it, moving her tongue over my shaft and holding me tight with her lips.  She could suck my cock for hours, never tiring. 

As my chauffeur drove, I knew he was watching the action in the back.  That was one of his perks for the job.  I reached besides my chair and found my roll of black tape.  I asked Francis to give me her hands.  She was very obedient as she trustingly gave me her hands.  I tied them together with several pieces of black tape.  I then taped up her mouth and shoved her down onto the floor.  I was in a frisky mood as I removed the nipple clips from another draw.  The good thing about Francis is, I could be as rough as I liked and she loved it.  I clipped her taught nipples and she moaned with delight.  Her firm body heaved as the first of several small orgasms raced down her body.  I ran my hands over her slender body, stopping occasionally to pinch or caress.  She had fragile small hips and long slender legs.   I turned her over so that her ass was sticking up in the air.  I pressed her chest down on the seat as I spread her legs wide.  I removed the tape from over her mouth so that she could answer my questions.  I asked her if she was a good girl.   For each no, I whipped her sweet ass.  I saw the red welts grow over her silky white skin after each one of my strikes.  I whipped her until she started moaning with pleasure.  I reached between her legs and felt her silky hot pussy.  She was dripping wet with anticipation, begging me to plunge my hard cock deep inside her.

I wanted to tease her for a while longer and enjoy the punishment I was giving her.   I spread her cheeks wide, insert my tongue up her sweet ass.  I licked and sucked her ass as I fondled her hot pussy.  I squeezed her pussy lips between my fingers as I ran my fingers down her cunt.  I opened my hand and slapped her ass again.  I saw the shape of my hand rise from her already bruised skin.  She turned her head begging me for more.  I laid her down on her back, raising her heels to the ceiling.  I tied each leg to separate sides of the ceiling, ensuring her legs stayed spread wide.  I saw the pink vulnerable flesh between her legs, begging to be pulled and pinched.  I removed another clip and clasped it firmly on her lips.   Again she moaned with pleasure, pushing her hips closer to mine, begging me for my hard cock.  Wives never beg for cocks, they usually claim they have a headache.   I ran my fingers down her lips, checking the temperature of her river.  I moved my head between her thighs taking a sip of her sweet wine.  I nibbled on her tender flesh feeling it between my teeth.  As I nibbled, I inserted several fingers up her bony ass.  Again she wiggled and moaned with pleasure.  I felt her body tensing, yet again, and felt the heat of another orgasm pass through her body. 

My cock was ready for penetration as I positioned myself over her.  I plunged into her hot pussy with all the anger and passion I had been feeling.  I pumped her hard, until I was dry.  Francis could make me cum over and over again...non stop!  For each plunge, I could feel her body vibrate with pleasure.  I rode her like a demon, ensuring that she felt the heat of my anger.  I continued riding her hard and deep, each time plunging in deeper.  My first orgasm, sprayed partially inside her and partially out.  My cock stayed hard, wanting to continue riding her.  I released the binds holding her legs and turned her over on her tummy.  I spread her ass cheeks and inserted my hard cock up her ass.  I grinded my cock deep inside her until she was moaning with pleasure, her teeth grinding in explosive energy.  I pulled in and out with such force that I had to hold her tight.  I pulled my cock out right before dumping my second load.  As she turned around, I sprayed my load into her face.   She eagerly licked every drop, trying to suck my cock to get more.

I looked out the window, realizing that we had been driving for almost 3 hours.  We were on route to San Francisco, a favorite vacationing spot of mine.  I was calm enough, thanks to Francis, to again try and talk to my wife.  I was successful at getting her on the phone and asked her why.   Her reasons were ridiculous...   After getting off the phone, I realized just how lucky I was.  With my wife gone from my life, I could have more time for other women, like Francis.  I could easily imagine a life filled with business and sex...  I looked down at Francis, who was curled up on the floor, sleeping like a tired child.  I instructed my chauffeur to drive us to my cabin up in Lake Tahoe...this weekend we were going to celebrate...   to my new found bachelorhood and all the kinky sex I could handle.  I uncorked a bottle of fine champagne and toasted the air...  announcing to the world my happiness...


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